The machine needs fuel to run…

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Top-to-bottom corruption in Chicago is nothing new, but witness this marvel of parking gestapo-dom (yes, Godwin’s law invoked..):

This sign was not posted at 11:30 on the night preceding the taking of this picture:

At that time, this Civic was already parked (likely a local resident). This driver’s complete inability to have known about the pending street cleaning didn’t prevent the reception of a ticket:

One has to wonder if this comes from individual spite or some sort of systemic malady that merely presents itself as abject corruption.


What an unfortunate name…

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Doctors in Chenmai, India, suspect that the recent birth of a one-eyed child may be the result of Cyclopamine use as an anti-cancer medication.


It may be a compression artifact…

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But this woman looks crazy:

Shirley Phelps Roper is, plainly, crazy (or brilliant), which puts a great many people who would otherwise not be in agreement with Sean Hannity in the uncomfortable position of being in complete agreement with him.


Fred Clipsham is a pussy…

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Perhaps he got hassled too much as a child, or perhaps he and his governmental cohorts have a surplus of unscheduled time. Either way, the city council of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, has seen fit to pass the Regina Anti Bullying and Public Fighting Bylaw which, among other things, makes it illegal to “bully” another person through written or electronic communication.

The law can see fines of up to $2,000 (Canadian, which is roughly $4, US) being assessed to offenders or the parents of offenders for, apparently, repeatedly telling another child that they are stupid.

In case you’re wondering, the semi-mulletted dotard behind this is one Fred Clipsham:

Let’s all give Fred I-look-oddly-like-my-own-mother Clipsham a hand…


Update: The better the mascot, the better the Games…

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On the preceeding story, it appears that the author merely used Google image search to find Amik, Cobi, and Izzy as well.

All of the images from the article appear in the first Google image search result page for each search.

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