Used scooter, cheap…

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A 56-foot long sperm whale burst onto the street while being transported to Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. The whale had beached itself and died nine days previous, leading to the internal build-up of gasses during decomposition.


Because Tuesdays are just not happy enough…

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An in-depth description of the events of Feb. 1st, 2003, regarding the break-up of the orbiter, Columbia, is a good way to raise one’s spirits. Though the account claims that the deaths of the astronauts were brief, one can estimate that they spent over a minute after the loss of one wing in a high-speed fall, 37 seconds spent in the free-floating crew module. One astronaut’s remains fell to earth in Hemphill, Texas, relatively intact. Absolutely nothing is funny in the above-linked article.


Make good on gameshow promises…

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Carl Atwood of Elmwood, Indiana, won $57,000 during Thursday’s taping of “Hoosier Millionaire” and followed his unexpected win by saying “Now I can purchase a very nice car.” Only a few hours later, while walking to the local grocery store, Atwood was struck by a truck and killed.

Everything but air-ducts…

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The workers dismantling nuclear weapons in Amarillo, Texas are apparently either wildly suicidal or impressively careless, using duct-tape to mend unstable explosives and accidentally drilling into a nuclear warhead core. Go team!


Candidates dress to impress…

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If Dennis Kucinich didn’t seem to be flailing before the new year in his bid to become the Democratic presidential candidate, he is now. While speaking in a debate on NPR, Kucinich used a pie chart to attempt to demonstrate his point. Though the host, Neal Conan, informed listeners of the chart, he failed to mercifully put Kucinich out of his own misery. Were there ever an argument for the second amendment…

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