For those planning on entertaining under power lines…

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The long-asked question of how to supply lighting to cocktail parties being held under power lines has been answered by Richard Box of the Department of Physics at the University of Bristol. Box planted hundreds of fluorescent tubes in a field in Somerset, England, tubes that are then lit by the field surrounding the power lines.


It sells, most of the time…

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Invigorated by the success of the Lingerie Bowl (Flash heavy), the special’s production company will be forming a lingerie football league featuring models playing football. Major League Baseball seems poised to lose one more spot in viewership rankings.

As little a promoter of education as lingerie football is of athleticism, an official Harvard University pornographic periodical titled “H-Bomb” has been approved for publication.

In Burleson, Texas, residents seem to be less forward thinking (or thinking at all, for that matter) in matters concerning sex, as shown by the arrest and prosecution of Joanne Webb for hosting Passion Parties, meetings styled after Tupperware parties that sell erotic wares. Quite impressive is the need for a sting operation to ‘catch her in the act’ of describing how to best use a dildo, an item that the officers in question most likely confiscated for evidence.

Not all endeavors of sexual commercialism meet with boundless success, best demonstrated by Bill Miller’s attempts at pseudo-bigamy. One look at his picture would send women running were it not for his erotica (sic, and sick…) section, likely leading to large number of sudden suicides.

In the face of Bill Miller, William Hung must feel like a superstar…



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The site of the catalyst for the passing of the PATRIOT (sic) act has officially opposed it in law. The City Council of New York City has passed Resolution 60, calling for NYC officers to actively protect the civil rights of people in New York City rather than enforcing certain provisions of the PATRIOT act and for New York City’s delegates in congress to work to repeal sections of the law that violate civil rights (all of them?).

This comes on the heals of the Los Angeles City Council’s passage of a similar resolution, joining the ranks of other major cities to pass such resolutions, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago.


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No preparation afford for the overwhelming sadness brought on by reading Tim Russert’s Oval Office interview with GW on the eighth…

One notable highlight was Bush’s statement that “there is no such thing necessarily in a dictatorial regime of iron clad absolutely solid evidence.

One can only hope that he was referring to Iraq.

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