Bush to Iraqis: “Sorry, but you’re not white.”

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In yet another example of over-zealous missle disposal, US military helicopters fired on a wedding party in Iraq, killing roughly 40 people.

Anything Israel can do, the US can do better


Worth every penny…

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The lackluster economy and ever-increasing difficulty that many high-schoolers are encountering in their search for summer employment seem to have taken their toll after motivating one high-school junior to drink an unknown chemical for two dollars. It might be prudent to consider leaving that child behind.


It makes one wonder what happens to all of those “black” boxes…

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Two FAA managers given responsibility for recordings of air traffic controller radio communications with the flights involved in the World Trade Center attack of September 11th, 2001 did what anyone trusted with materials of such importance would do: They crushed the cassettes and cut up the tape inside.

Go team…


Disney dusts off plans for Aqua-Disney…

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The sunken island of Atlantis has been discovered off the coast of Cyprus. No doubt Eisner and his cronies have already gathered up an intrepid team of anime ripoffs to gather the precious power-crystals that have been lost at sea for millennia.

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