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Following the recorded murder of a wounded and unarmed Iraqi in a Falluja Mosque (it doesn’t get much dumber than this…), citizens of the United States continued to show the world what they are made of with shining examples of kindness and brilliance found in a shooting death over dinged car-doors, and the $500,000 inceneration of six apartments resulting from a mother leaving three children, ages 2, 4, and 6, alone with a blow-torch in the presense of model-rocket engines.

Still, the United States may not go entirely consumed by the cerebrally underprivileged after the efforts of Genesio Morlacci of Great Falls, Montana, who left $2.3 million to the University of Great Falls where he worked as a janitor at the age of 102.


The importance of information control…

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Ohio and Florida, swing states making use of paper-trail-free touch-screen-voting systems, were the subject of early exit polls published by Slate, as well as exit polls published by CNN, described by CNN shortly before midnight as not representing the actual results. Exit polls have been used as a check against election fraud in emerging democracies, but such polls are meaningless in the face of corrupt media outlets or organizations unwilling to report suspicious trends (link goes to dailykos and is a must-read).

At 12:24am, CNN reported Ohio’s exit poll as:

Only to silently revise its results after 1:41am to read:

For those with the feeling that a scant 57 votes could not possibly account for such large percentage changes, here are derived calculations:

  12:21am 1:41am Difference
Male voters for Bush 452.0789 493.688 41.6091
Male voters for Kerry 470.5311 446.218 -24.3131
Female voters for Bush 488.9833 535.3 46.3167
Female voters for Kerry 551.4067 535.3 -16.1067

Keep in mind the slight error in these tabluations indtroduced by the rounding done by CNN before reporting.

These figures show that, in order for CNN’s numbers to make sense, the number of voters counted for Kerry in Ohio exit polls must have fallen by over 45. It appears that these figures were likely massaged to agree with the reported numbers.

Please, take a moment to go to Black Box Voting and donate money to the non-partisan audit effort, a nationwide effort to scour voting records for the criminal behavior of vote tampering.


We apologize for the inconvenience…

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That the popular vote in the 2004 Untied States presidential election went so heavily for Bush is a showing of the mindset of the United States; one which could be easily compared to that of the citizenry of post-World-War-I Germany during the rise of the Nazi party.

To the rest of the world: We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience…


Links on the run…

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This site might be worth a read if you still think that voting for Bush is a decent idea.

If so, why are you here? We don’t really post enough pictures (when compared to word count) to hold the interest of most Bush voters here.

The execrable will stop at nothing…

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With overt efforts to confuse and discourage voters perpetrated by Republicans nationwide, the world’s champion of democracy has shown a decidedly undemocratic underbelly, most notably including a few distinct works of disenfranchising art:

  • Flyers distributed in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on pseudo-official stationary, warned of changes in local election procedure due to high expected voter turnout. Republicans were advised to vote on November second, Democrats on November third.
  • Over 4000 questionable voter registration forms filed on behalf of black voters in Florida who signed pro-choice and marijuana-legalization petitions have been discovered. The registrations were filed with changes of address, removing the aforementioned voters from voting lists in their own precincts.
  • Voters in Lake County, Ohio were mailed fake announcements by the Lake County Elections Board stating that anyone registered to vote by the NAACP, America Coming Together, John Kerry for President, or Capri Cafaro for Congress would not be allowed to vote.
  • Predominantly black households in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, met with the distribution of this letter warning of felony charges for voting with outstanding parking tickets:

At the risk of editorializing, everyone responsible for these acts should be soundly beaten every day for the remainders of their lives…

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