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Nothing succeeds like plenary ineptitude in the Bush administration (Bush II: The Dumbening), as has been so aptly demonstrated by Donald Rumsfeld who, in another recent talk with soliders, openly stated that United Airlines flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania after being taken over by hijackers on September 11th, 2001, had been “shot down.”

This, no doubt, added further fuel to the fire of conspiracy theories that, in all fairness, are probably correct anyway.

After making so foolish a blunder as to announce to soldiers proximately entering a war zone that they could still be “blown up,” one might assume that Rumsfeld would take care to avoid any further public-relations blunders. One would be wrong…


Think that you can tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans?

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Prove it by taking this test.

Comment your score (mine was 7 of 18).


Short notes on a tall bridge…

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The Millaue Viaduct, the world’s tallest bridge, has opened to serve as a traffic conduit between Paris and the south of France. The structure, stretching over 1.6 miles with its tallest pillar standing 1,122 feet tall, literally stands above the clouds (streaming video available), and is 53 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower.

One can only hope that the brilliant civil engineering talent that has led to a nearly faultlessrecord for TGV operations has been in Millau.


Because Mel Gibson’s views are a perfect fit for the audience…

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Julianne Thompson, of Grand Island, New York, is considering suing her former employer, the local school district, after being fired for telling students that Mel Gibson had said that embryonic stem cell research had not produced a single human cure in 23 years, a tidbit that, she advised, should be shared with the children’s parents.

Perhaps Ms. Thompson should be informed that cybernetic research was sustained for over thirty years before restoring sight to the blind, or that over twenty years of work has gone into finding a suppressive vaccine for AIDS. She may just need to be advised that following the instructions of her supervisors is likely a requirement of the terms of her employment.

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