Packing bags for Canada…

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Rolling Stone has proof that Rumsfeld lied when he said that reinstating the draft had not been discussed. Also mentioned in this article is the military’s notification of 40,000 troops that their term will be extended until December 24th, 2031 (not a typo!) if they do not voluntarily re-enlist.


It gets worse…

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In what appears to be an annual exploration of sanity rivalling the now bemoaned Aggie bonfire, the members of the Alaskan Alpine Club have taken upon themselves the task of building an ice spire over 100feet tall.

One can only wonder what collapse-related mischange awaits those involved in such an endeavor…


Score one for boredom in Wisconsin…

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Shocking new evidence of the effects of long-term winter-induced confinement can be seen in the macrophotographs taken by Patricia Rasmussen, with descriptions by Kenneth Libbrecht, of individual snowflakes. Libbrecht also goes on to describe efforts to grow snow-crystals with evidence of impressive results (including movies of crystal growth!).


Playing for cheeseburgers…

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Jordan Snipes, a Guilford College basketball player who made a last-second game-winning shot from over 85 feet in Monday’s game against Randolph-Macon, was offered an opportunity to try from the same distance on live TV.

After taking several shots with a reporter talking, Snipes sank one. Videos of both shots are linked in the story in question.


On the implications of legalized prostitution…

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As an unexpected byproduct of Germany’s legalization of prostitution is the legal requirement that women receiving unemployment compensation will be denied further benefits if they refuse to take employment as a prostitute. As Germany no longer considers prostitution illegal, and brothel-owners are required to pay taxes, the argument has been made that excluding brothels from the benefits of Germany’s employment services would be inappropriate. Care may be required in explaining to the apparently mechanized German government the distinctions that may be drawn between activities that are illegal, immoral, and hygenically unsound.

Such examples of the sticky legal ground broken by legalized prostitution may be required to counter the cries for legalization that may soon come from Florida Assistant Attorney General John Rimes who, after collecting $500 in cash for the payment of two prostitutes that he had invited into his hotel room at the Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore, met with the criminally connected element of prostitution. To that end, Rimes was pepper-sprayed, beaten, and robbed by a well-dressed pimp…

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