Mr. Jordan, please meet your replacement…

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Instead of the usual excitement over college basketball present at this time of year, attention is being paid to the miracle shot made by Blake Hoffarber in Hopkins’ victory over Eastview in Minnesota’s Class 4A Boys State finals.

Wearing 23 on his back, would anything less be acceptable?


Vigilante in-flight service…

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William Lee found himself quite dead in New York after his flight from Los Angeles touched down. He had been “restrained” by other passengers after allegedly making a scene after his request for more alcohol was denied by a flight attendant.

What better airline than American Airlines could there be to serve as a beacon for knee-jerk violent responses and unclear accountability for homicide?

Your child can be a pop-star…

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Parents might want to seriously consider the implications of having their children surrounded by low-rent sexuality and 70’s-style clothing.

It seems like a perfect alternative to chemical warfare…

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