Some headlines tell the whole story…

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Two Star Wars fans near Chelmsford, United Kingdom, eschewed the usual approach to simulating lightsaber effects and, instead, opted for fluorescent light tubes filled with petrol (gasoline).

This, combined with the re-election of Tony Blair, should silence any who care to argue about the relative intelligence levels of citizens of the United States and the United Kingdom.


C’mon kids. It’s natural…

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Charlie the chimpanzee of Johannesburg, South Africa, (it even sounds like a bad children’s book) has taken to smoking cigarettes after watching zoo visitors smoke. The only obvious course of action for humanity is the examination of this phenominon through the free and unending supply of cigarettes to wild chimpanzees, kangaroos, iguanas, and schoolchildren…

Watch the video…


A new art movement

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Steve points out (and should just start posting ahem) the masterful artistic efforts of the Institudo de Estudos Orientais (Institute of Oriental Studies).

There are two ways to look at many pictures. Once one sees it one way, it can often be hard to envision the other interpretation. What type of person are you?

Update: The site has been pulled, but the image remains!


Fool me once…

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Gordon Alterton of Tacoma, Washington, was inebriated enough to think that putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger was a funny joke. After the gun failed to fire because no cartridge was in the chamber, a problem remedied by attempting to fire the gun, Alterton’s friends instructed him to stop.

He obliged them by repeating his earlier actions, with far more fatal results.

Darwin seems to only give out one “get out of jail free” card per person, per day…

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