When 1mm is a giant leap…

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Researchers working at the University of Edinburgh, the University of Bologna, and the University of Groningen have succeeded in making a drop of oily liquid move uphill when exposed to directed ultraviolet radiation.

David Leigh, of the University of Edinburgh, incorrectly asserts in this article that “This is the first time you can use molecular-level motion to move a macroscopic object.” Forgive a scientist a bit of hyperbole in the wake of a discovery, and this is still a really important feat.

Those who have access to Nature Materials ($169 for a one year subscription) can read more about this here.


Memo from NYPD to London Metropolitan Police: Carry spare sidearms…

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Ian Blair is meeting with an inappropriate level of public outrage (read: too little) after revelations that Jean Charles de Menezes, the unfortunate Brazilian electrician who found himself the test case for the Metropolitan Police’s “shoot-to-kill” policy, was not wearing a heavy padded jacket, running from police, or jumping the turnstyle as had been previously reported. Video surveillance shows that de Menezes entered the Tube after grabbing a newspaper and sat down calmly before being grabbed by police and shot eight times (seven times in the head).

No doubt the Metropolitan Police are hoping for a judicial miracle of King-sized proportions…

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