Wisconsin Priorities…

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Gaviel Bonilla, without pants in Lomira, Wisconsin, after escaping from Department of Corrections transport workers, stopped and asked a Lomira resident for directions to McDonald’s.

Lomira was arrested by Dodge County Sheriffs having not yet reached McDonald’s…


A lesson in marketing…

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James Evans, a flagrantly moronic spare-change collector of Brockport, New York, met with the unexpected response of two somewhat similarly imbecilic men after their refusal to give Evans money. Evans threw a rock at them.

The men countered by attempting to run Evans down in their car. When this failed, the driver of the car hit Evans in the head with a brick and the two men beat Evans on the ground. “Proportionate response” may be a phrase that all parties involved should acquaint themselves with…


Paging Dr. Spock…

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A 12 year old girl at Burton Elementary School met with a high-voltage lesson in the definition of In Loco Parentis when Cincinatti police saw fit to Taser and arrest her for disrupting class. The officers say that they warned the girl several times that they would use the Taser on her if she did not calm down, which, to be fair, is less imbecillic than announcing to infants that they will be kicked in the head if they continue to soil their diapers and following through.


Read carefully…

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The liberal group Think Progress has published a damning timeline of the events surrounding hurricane Katrina and the Bush administration’s response. Most importantly, the entire timeline cites sources reporting on said events.

One might think that the politeness observed in this clip was unnecessary.

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