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As Harry Reid droned on about the deficiencies in national health care during what should have been an impassioned stand against the coming confirmation of Alito, I could not help but hear his speech as an obvious stump speech; a preemptive counter to Bush’s State of the Union address on the eve of what will almost assuredly merit new entries in Webster’s under falsehood, fraud, and doublespeak. Reid leveraged the view of a nation for what he, hopefully, calculated to be a political advantage, but he made a mistake so typical of American liberals.

He was selfish.

Now, if your response to reading that line was anywhere between “American liberals aren’t selfish” and “I’m not selfish,” you’re somewhere between childishly naïve and proving my point entirely. This doesn’t have to be taken so much as a point against American liberals, but as the assertion that American liberals are no better than American conservatives. It’s worth noting that American liberals are worse in this regard than their conservative counterparts, but this can be addressed in a later discussion.

American liberalism is not a cause or set of causes. It is not a better way of viewing the world. It is not acceptance, and it is not charity. At its worst, American liberalism is the unbridled, and diluted, exertion of elitist control over a populace deemed unfit to make judgments for itself. It is as cynical as neo-fascist convervatism, but it lacks the self awareness necessary to keep it from being delusionally inane. At its worst, American liberalism’s goal is not the funding of military or the businesses of friends. It is, more frighteningly, the exertion of control for the sake of control. At its worst, American liberalism is much like religious conservatism, with intellectual superiority replacing ordained superiority.

At its most common, American liberalism is a hand-bag. It is the fashion accessory that mock intellectuals wear as publicly as they can. From its worst to its most common, American liberalism is selfishly motivated and manipulative.

Harry Reid spoke very little about Alito or the proceedings regarding his nomination, and he repeatedly inserted into his speech what is quickly becoming the party motto: “America can do better.” Except for these islands of high-school quality marketing come to political life, Reid’s speech was self supporting, congressionally referential, and verbose. These are not the qualities of a topical speech, but those of a speech aimed at massaging personal and political positions.

From the Democrats I expect, though it may be unreasonable of me, better. America can indeed do better than the current state of its liberal representation and its liberals.


How often do they lose their keys?

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The staff of the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, Spain, is apparently working in a universe not explained by our current understanding of physics, as they saw fit to not only purchase four large slabs of steel for $220,000 US in 1986, but also managed to misplace the 38 tons of “art” in the intervening years between then and now.

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