Stupidity isn’t one-sided…

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Mad-magazine stunt-double and USDA Grade-A moron, Dennis Kucinich spoke with such characteristic inanity that it warrants a comment.  He said, while being interviewed by Air-America Radio’s John Elliot (also, largely, an idiot), several things regarding the U.S. presence in Iraq.  Paraphrasing, because I was listening while doing something else:

  1.  “We already have the money to get our troops out of Iraq.”  It’s possible that this is true, but he followed this with “How much does it cost to get our troops out of Iraq?  That’s what we should be looking at.”  If you haven’t looked at it, it’s silly to suggest that sufficient funds have been appropriated.
  2. “The U.N. is the only organization that can put a large force in place…”  The U.N, functionally, can’t do much (if it’s recent track-record is any indication).  He may mean that the U.N. should take up managing U.S. forces, or that may merely be what he should say.
  3. “Half of the soldiers in this international force should come from Muslim countries.”  This demonstrates, plainly, how much Kucinich is like Bush.  His world is a simple, idiot-grinning, beady-eyed, barely-even-sophistic playground.  Grouping all Muslims is akin to failing to recognize the regional conflicts between Catholics and Protestants.

There are thousands (if not millions) of people in this nation more qualified to address the issues of governance and leadership than Dennis Kucinich.  No doubt the Democrats will find one before 2008.

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