Roll up your sleeves and sue…

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Nothing is particularly exceptional about the story of Ron, Fazila, and Antonia Verni of Newark, New Jersey, who’s car was struck by a truck driven by the then absurdly intoxicated Daniel Lanzaro, a man having recently attended a New York Giant’s football game, paralyzing the then two-year-old Antonia. Of only minor note is the sum awarded to the family, a lottery-win-worthy $135 million.

What is exceptional about the story of the Vernis is that the jury ordered that $105 million be paid, not by Lanzaro, who was ordered to pay $30 million, not by the beer vendor, who exceeded by four beers company policy limiting sales to two beers to one person at any given time for a paltry $10 tip, but by Aramark, for fostering an atmosphere in which intoxicated patrons were served.

I think I left my personal responsibility in my other pants…

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