Nature is cool when left alone, or messed with…

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A clever marketing ploy has increased visitorship to the zoo in Mendoza by 50%. Veternarians at the zoo sprayed Pelusa, a 395-pound, 23-year-old female polar bear with a treatment for her dermatitis. The spray has turned her fur a frighteningly uniform shade of purple, a condition that should be corrected within the next two months.

Messing with nature is something that we do very well, but we see even cooler results when we leverage nature to make pretty pictures, as researchers at Georgia’s Institute of Technology, Atlanta and the University of Western Australia, Perth did when they set fifty-thousand rat neurons loose in a petri dish and began letting them learn how to draw on a piece of paper half-way around the globe.

This technology will, no doubt, find uses for farmers in Taiwan who have been plagued by crazy monkeys. The monkeys have taken to playing with chickens, abusing dogs, and assaulting goats. One has to wonder if they shouldn’t give up on their farms and let nature take its course.

The natural course of things has a way of producing breathtaking structures and events.

It also grabs people who can’t seem to let go of the idea of Mars hosting little green men.

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