Child rearing errors of past and present…

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Sitting on the border between misdeed and genius are the actions of former Metrodome superintendent Dick Ericson, who would alter the settings of the dome’s ventilation systems late in Minnesota Twins baseball games, with the hope of having an effect on the outcome. “It’s your home-field advantage. Every stadium has got one.” It seems like Dick missed out on a moral upbringing.

From the this guy just needs a mommy department come the acts of a Tokyo burlar who broke into the houses of women and made them cook for him. Not to be classified as entirely stupid, he also took their money, but it seems like he just wanted a home-cooked meal.

Far less explainable is the in-flight streaking, perpetrated by an off-duty Singapore Airlines steward, who is now under psychiatric care. It seems that there could be no explanation other than inadequate parenting, or psychotropic chemicals.

It is almost assured that the Star Wars Kid, Ghyslian Raza will serve as the clay necessary to be moulded into the focal point of one of the stories listed above, but his parents have taken his upbringing to an all time low with lawsuits directed at the families of the kids who distributed the videos in the first place. Cogratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Raza, you’re doing the worst job imaginable.

Of course, there is German three-year-old who wrecked the same car twice in four days, or the seven-year-old who is addicted to pornography. His grandfather thought that he was too young to understand what was going on. By the age of three, the boy was watching porn while fondling himself.

Mr. and Mrs. Raza, we offer our sincerest apologies. You may continue to lower the bar.

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