Nearly every action is aimless…

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A scant 100 miles from the coast of the United States in his effort to row across the Atlantic ocean, Emmanuel Coindre called his mommy, who called the French coast guard. They contacted the US coast guard, resulting in Emmanuel’s rescue.

Not everyone is so lucky, though. Steven Michael Sellers ran into the man himself while driving drunk and found himself in critical condition. Bruce Campbell suffered only minor injuries.

At least Steven didn’t own a bull terrier, an unfortunate condition for a now deceased Moscow man who required immediate medical attention. The snarling beast kept medical workers at bay until it was shot by police. By then, the man had died.

It may be better that a life is lost than several lives wasted, as is the case in northern Mexico, where scores of locals will set out to construct a million piece jigsaw puzzle on a dry creek bed over the course of four months. Hope for rain.

Not everything we do is pointless. The Koalas in Mount Eccles National Park in Australia will be given the means to enjoy consequence free sexual experimentation, as Koalas have begun to outstrip their food supply. In the United States, we generally just shoot the species in question.

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