Devolving at this rate, humanity has 37 days remaining…

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Demonstrating the efficiency of a modern democratic republic, the government of Bosnia will soon instate a law outlawing blond jokes under the guise of gender equality. “The new law on gender equality would enable blonde women to sue anyone who tells jokes that offend them, even if those jokes were just based on the colour of their hair.” With any luck, the paperwork required to file a lawsuit will prove too confusing for the plaintiffs in question.

Pedomorphic stupidity is not just restricted to those with fair features, as demonstrated by Leandro Luis Sao Pedro, an escaped prisoner from Valparaiso prison in Sao Paulo who secured a job driving a prison bus. He was apprehended by authorities on his first day on the job.

Nearly as clever, a Norwegian man learned of his pending surprise party and decided to turn the joke on his friends by firing a shotgun into the air when they arrived. Everything went to plan until he came out from his hiding place and tripped, causing the gun to go off a second time, wounding six party-goers.

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