Modern medicine-0, Darwin-3…

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When Clarice Burgin of Ripley, Derbishire, England fell ill, her family first called for an ambulance and then notified her son, Stephen, who was vacationing in Spain. Stephen returned to England by plane and managed to arrive at Derby City General Hospital before his mother, who waited a staggering eight hours for an ambulance to arrive. This event will lead to more paperwork which will inevitably serve as a prop on a children’s television show, as confidential medical records in Regina, Canada did after inexplicably making their way out of locked storage.

However troublesome the mechanisms of medicine may be, the alternatives, often Californian religion, are far worse. Richard and Agnus Wiebe, of Rancho Cucamonga, California, were sentenced to a year of weekends in jail for letting their eleven-month-old daughter die of treatable bacterial meningitis, as the Church of God in Upland called for prayer, rather than antibiotics. At the risk of editorializing, this couple is guilty, and should be dealth with in a harsh and brutal fashion.

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