Doctor Spock for the 21st century…

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When Dakeysha Lee, of Jacksonville, Florida began serving a jail term on September 10th, she neglected to mention the two-year-old daughter that she had left at home. The girl survived for three weeks on mustard, ketchup, rice, and raw pasta before being found watching television.

No attention at all may be better than the type lavished by Robert and Teresa Milbrandt upon their seven-year-old daughter in a long-lasting effort to defraud the members of their community into supporting their daughter’s struggle with cancer. The Milbrandts forced their daughter to wear a protective mask, partake in death counselling, ingest sleeping pills, and shave her head to simulate chemotherapy for her leukaemia.

Not all children are forced into service or neglected by their parents. Witness a boy in Sotra, Norway who has become a “good driver.” Reportedly, the 27-year-old responsible for driving the boy to school does not have a license and decided that it would be better if the nine-year-old boy operated the vehicle in his stead.

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