Next on Fox: When bureaucrats think…

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Doing their best to populate local emergency rooms, United Blood Services of Durango, Colorado and four area breweries banded together to trade a pint of beer for a pint of blood in a recent blood drive. One can only wonder what happened to 120-pound donors who attempted to drive home.

Not nearly as harmful but certainly as ill-conceived are the bouts of state-sponsored harassment taking place on busses in Santiago, Chile. The local Education Ministry has begun paying art students to provide short lectures on art to captive audiences on busses city-wide. Chilean officials could have something to offer school officials in Nairobi, Kenya who’s ban on video shows and discos at an all-boys school resulted in wide-spread student looting, rioting, and burning. Forced exposure to Spencer Tunick’s recent New York art exhibit, featuring 450 naked women, might have quelled the students’ splenetic rampage…

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