Some things cops can do, some things they can’t…

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Police officers in Texas who are unaware of some of the perks of their chosen profession can turn to Robert Daniel Bliss of Friendswood. Bliss dressed as a police officer and threatened to arrest prostitutes unless they provided their services to him for free.

In Texas, officers seem to be too preoccupied with other activities, such as fishing while on duty, to be bothered to wear costumes to illicit genital exposure, but such is not the case in Japan, where a male officer who was dressed as a schoolgirl as part of “Operation Crossdresser” met with success in catching a problematic flasher.

One type of flashing that police officers will have to live with is the kind that drivers use to warn oncoming traffic of speed-traps. A Williamson County, Tennessee judge dismissed a Franklin-city court ruling against Harlie Walker, 75, for interfering with a police officer’s performance of duty by flashing his lights in an effort to warn other drivers to reduce their speed. Walker’s attorney argued that communication with his headlights was within his first amendment rights. Start flashing…

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