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Very few times in history have doctors discovered human chimeras, as they did in the case of a woman who was found to not be the genetic mother of her naturally conceived children in blood tests.

Other shining examples of the miracles of survival can be seen in children playing “the blackout game,” a frenzy of oxygen-deprived brinkmanship directed at entertaining the participants with the same brand of neuron-crushing hallucinations one would receive while under the influence of any of a number of illegal consumables (read: huffing for kids who can’t even afford paint), KKK members whose initiation festivities include firing weapons vertically without a thorough understanding of the real-world implications of gravitational attraction, leaving one participant critically wounded after being shot in the head, or Robert Keys of Homer, Alaska, who, in a city council meeting regarding a proposed ban on smoking, testified that “It (smoking) hasn’t bothered my health any… So I think all this baloney about it affecting people’s health is just that. Baloney,” moments before falling victim to a fatal coronary heart attack.

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