Playing make-believe…

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Duran Duran fans may be happy to know that they lost look-alike contests in the past due to unethical tampering by band members who entered contests dressed as themselves. One must ask:
If a man pretends to be someone pretending to be him, ruining an ill-founded tribute to him for his own personal amusement, is that more or less pathetic than having actually had a mullet in the first place?

Somewhat more pathetic, James Winton, who put upon his Dodge Neon a small flashing light in his attempt to impersonate a traffic officer, has been sentenced to six months in jail after pulling over an off-duty officer for speeding.

Winton may have met with more success had he actually had a badge, several of which may have ended up in the tally of a two hour shopping spree, totalling more than 160 million dollars, at the hands of three German teenagers who, out of boredom, decided to use a hacked auction-house account to buy “only the most expensive things.”

Sentences for criminals must be increasing, as the penalties for merely being suspected of committing a crime are fierce. This was shown through the suffering of Carst Kijlstra, of Denmark, who was jailed and fined for refusing to carry a shopping basket at a grocery store while running in to pick up veal just before closing. Were this in the United States, the urge to organize a flash-shopping crowd of hundreds of basketless veal-seekers would be too much to bear.

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  1. ARON says:

    It is always more sad to pretend to be yourself in a contest put on by you for your amusement than to have had a mullet. Actually, no wait, it might be a draw.

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