You may now fear your government…

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A government that persistently lies about its motivations in waging war may not be enough, nor may a government that routinely violates the Geneva Convention. Even a government that somehow finds reasonable a tax refund for Enron may not be enough, but a government that considers a law that would make even the sale of a VCR illegal as a device that “aids, abets, induces (or) councels” copyright violations must be enough to get the citizens of the US into a fluster.

If this is too heady a concept for the reader, we can boil it down.

  • Tivo? Gone.
  • VCR? Gone.
  • CD Burner? Yep, gone.
  • Peer-to-peer file systems? Gone.
  • Sony Corp. v. Universal City Studios (Betamax lawsuit)? Very gone.

Even a country of people who have never cared about anything else their government has done to them or anyone else must care about the possibility of not being able to buy a device that allows them to tape the season finale of ER

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